my dad decided he wants to learn how to record his own music, and he asked me if i could give him some advice. so i wrote him a little guide on the very basics of recording into ableton (which is what i use to make all of my songs)

i’m no expert on the technical side of production (obviously lol) but i jumped into ableton without a ton of guidance, and it got a little confusing at times. so if you’re doing the same, you can download this guide and hopefully it’ll help get you started.

keep in mind it’s written for my dad so it’s pretty stupid lmao

this guide is written for windows. if you’re on a mac, use the COMMAND key instead of CTRL when u use this guide.

it’s also written specifically for my dad’s interface (iTrack Solo). it might be a little different for yours. make sure you’ve downloaded the right drivers for your interface before you do this stuff.